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Alabamians should decide if participating in a lottery and gaming are matters of personal choice, and let their voices be heard in a statewide referendum on the issue.

An organized crime network of illegal underground casinos is currently open for business in cities, towns, and crossroads across Alabama. Should a new gaming commission shut down those unregulated operations and offer fair and honest gaming options to Alabamians who wish to participate?

The last time Alabamians were allowed to vote on gaming was a quarter century ago, when Bill Clinton was in office and people worried that Y2K would shut down their computers. Much has changed since then, and it’s time to be heard again after 25 years.

Every surrounding southeastern state allows some form of gaming, and a sea of Alabama license plates can be found at the businesses that provide them. Should Alabama lose hundreds of millions of dollars that could be used to fund Alabama schools and provide essential state services to Alabamians?

A state lottery and legal gaming would create thousands of high-paying, long-lasting jobs in Alabama. The establishment of gaming facilities would require workers in various sectors, such as construction, hospitality, security, and management.

Our current gaming laws are weak and confusing, and they allow bad actors to profit while cheating their patrons.

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